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Designing and creating jewelry is my dream come true.


It was my creative outlet for more than ten years, while I pursued a more conventional finance career. My family and friends supported my hobby by commissioning rings, pendants, necklaces and other custom works. Over time I became completely engrossed in my creations, and couldn’t help but find myself spending most of my waking hours designing new pieces.




In mid-2012 I had an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up: four months on a whirlwind adventure travel trip that changed my life forever. I absorbed the natural beauty of East Africa, the Alps, central Europe and the California coast, and returned to “normal life” inspired in ways that I can't put into words. Along the way, I found the courage and determination to pursue my true passion of making jewelry.

I dedicate my time creating what I can only describe as “new heirlooms.” I satisfy my aesthetic by working with the most beautiful precious and semi-precious gems and metals I can source, and I love nothing more than turning them into unique and timeless creations.


For me, this has been an extraordinary journey already. And it feels like the beginning of a lifelong pursuit. I’ve invested the time and effort to refine my technical skills, secure access to some of the best artisan in the country, and travel the world to source only the gemstones worthy of becoming heirlooms.


It’s a privilege to share my collections with you: Mia Medak Jewelry is live! I hope you enjoy looking, and I encourage you to connect with me and share your thoughts!


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